Boulevar in Malaga port, Malaga,Andalusia, Spain.

Invest in Málaga

We help you find the best option to consolidate your business in this wonderful place.

Investments in the Costa del Sol
We are a group of professionals, who have emigrated and have extensive experience in the acquisition of real estate. We work every day to find the best investment option for our clients both from abroad or arriving in Malaga. We know of the doubts that arise and we are focused on helping you.

Why Invest in Málaga?

Malaga is among the most profitable destinations to invest in real estate for rent.
Since the first quarter of 2019, the profitability of buying and investing in homes for rent has increased by 7.8% on average.

In the same period last year, the percentage was 7.1%.
According to a study, where the sale and rental prices of a series of real estate products are related to calculate their gross profitability, it is reflected that the real estate investment has been offering rates of return that, at least, triple those of the State bonds to 10 years.

These numbers lead to investors buying real estate assets for later rent. This study also shows the variation in profitability according to the type of property: housing, offices, commercial premises, garages.

What do we Offer?

of Properties

We search for the Property,
Business, Franchise and/or Investment that you are dreaming of.


We offer you a great variety of business
W ready to go so you can begin your activity in Málaga


We help you achieve your goals
We have a specialized team in each área to ensure the results.

We support

Marketing and Administration
We work so you can sleep peacefully, with a responsable and honest team

Why a personal shopper?

Our service is intended to satisfy the wishes of the buyer or leasing party. * We take care of finding the home that fits perfectly with your needs, if you are looking for a house, a new property, a long-term apartment, or if you are an entrepreneur looking for the best business. We do not limit ourselves to the offer we have in our portfolio, we search throughout the area and we pre-select the visits you are going to make. We look for the best properties, with the best style, and always thinking about what interests you most. You will not go through hundreds of properties that have nothing to do with what you have in mind.

Real Estate Personal Shopper

The advantage of personalized advice or Real Estate Personal Shopper is that we work exclusively for the buyer / investor, we do not manage real estate to sell, but we look for the best conditions for our buyers.

Malaga has more than 300 sunny days and contains 17 municipalities

The Costa del Sol with more than 1,347,000 inhabitants and a total of 7.3 million tourists in 2019. With a record of tourists this year reached an average of 7.5 million euros.

Emigrate and being an Entrepreneur Many of our clients put all their energies and effort into emigrating to Spain, with the idea of arriving and securing their future through entrepreneurship. And more than 50% of them hit their heads against the wall, unable to join the new consumer public. From our experience we will work with you, taking you by the hand and offering you the best suppliers, we will reduce the risk and save you a lot of trouble.

Do you want to expand your Franchise to the Costa del Sol?

If you still haven’t started

This is the first step.

If you have a business, want to put together or have a franchise and want to expand it, you may have thought of a good place like «The Costa del Sol».

You have thought correctly, it is a good place to start expanding your business, and we are here to help you. Simply contact us and we will advise you to get your business to the top in this wonderful place.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us

You can get what you want by asking!

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